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Monday, October 26, 2015

Working and more working...

Cathedral in Nancy


That's crazy awesome about Grayson!! I'm so happy for him!

Sam and I both!! I really like the European styles. It's classy!! As
far as my clothes go, I'm about the same size :) 

Apparently Elder Pumford was a model during his time at BYU! I don't
know where that came from, but I just said it. I'll send pics of us
today! :)

So, here are some highlights of my week!

Tuesday: we went to Strasbourg for their district meeting, and I went
on an exchange with an elder who is having a hard time being
motivated. As I pondered in my heart throughout the day, I was able to
know exactly how to love him and do the work at the same time. During
the exchange, we taught a member who reactivated 6 weeks ago. He was
60 or so, and when a child, had been abused by his mother, and his
father had ignored him. However, he bore one of the most sincere
testimonies of love that I have ever heard. He expressed how he had
all this hurt, but then decided to ask God if he needed to forgive
her. He felt the spirit come into his heart and confirm that he needed
to. He then told me how he then prays for his mother, who had abused
and hurt him. He also thanked his father for the experience of his
childhood. This man had come to the conclusion that his father had
helped him become a man, and chose to see the positive aspect of the
experience. It really touched me! Here I am, worried about little
things in life, and this man is using God's love to help him to
overcome pains that sometimes are scars for years and years. There is
nothing that we cannot overcome with Christ's love! That I know with
all my heart! He is the Christ! We must not forget this, but put Him
at the heart of all that we do! He lives! And He is my Savior.

Wednesday: we went to Mulhouse district meeting. During personal
study, I had an incredible spiritual experience. 

I then went on an exchange with Elder Rollins, in Belfort. Not many
were accepting, but as we strived to love them, they were kind and
both sides left happy. Al, the experiences with people were positive
that day :)

Thursday: got up at 5 to catch 4 hours of trains back to Nancy. Had
district meeting in Nancy. Later, just planned a lot for the MINI MTC
and other activities for the zone. It was a LONG day! But a man showed
up at the church randomly! He was a pastor from the Catholic Church- a
man that j had contacted 4 months ago! He finally decided to come and
see, and it so happened that we were at the church. Coincidence? I
think not! We gave him a church tour, and he then asked us why we gave
two years to do that. I felt the spirit guide me as I was bold, but
loving, as I explained the restoration, and how there was a prophet
today, and he had asked us to serve. I knew that he was a prophet of
God, and that this church was true. So I prayed, asking if I should
serve, and the spirit told me that I needed to. The spirit was strong
and powerful. Unfortunately, the man didn't seem to accept the
message. But he was very kind and the conversation was pleasant.

Friday- another district meeting and another exchange!!

Saturday-worked through all the details of MTC Nancy .

And Sunday was just crazy again with coordinating. My combo was having
a hard time yesterday, and the spirit helped me to know how to find
time out of the schedule and just talk him through his problems. I
felt sort of like you mom. He was having emotional stress, and I
helped him like how you help me. It's tiring!! I know how you feel. At
this point, I was EXHAUSTED because the week so long. But the Lord
gave me the strength that I had need of.

Anywho, I LOVE YOU!!


Strasbourg Missionaries

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