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Monday, November 9, 2015

Hey Hey Hey

Hey hey hey!!

Life is wonderful :) this week has been really what I needed!! For
Christmas, this year, President Babin asked us to do a 40 day fast...
Meaning one gives up something everyday to make one's self a more consecrated missionary. I am way excited for it! I like the idea of our missions or even our lives as our gifts to Heavenly Father, and we can make that gift better or worse depending on what we do with it. I hope that I can continue to give Him the very best me that I can be. I want to give my whole heart to God and to this mission. I love it so much! The opportunity to lose oneself completely in the gospel is one never to miss. I'm super pumped to see what more I can give to help Him in this great work. What better Christmas gift than that to give to our Father in Heaven, than all my heart, might, mind, and strength? I have done my best up to this point, and I hope to just keep on getting better and better. It's an amazing progression. If you and the family want to, I would encourage you to do a similar fast, but to be more of a person of God. Ask God everyday what you should give up and He will tell you. It's like the talk, "What Lack I Yet?". Speaking of talks, are you ponderizing as a family? If so, I would like to do it with you all!! :) let me know!

Personally, I think that I will be leaving Nancy. I've been here for a long time and a lot of spots are opening up in other cities, so I'll
probably be transferred. So I would wait on the package.

I had an AMAZING moment with Heavenly Father. I was
able to understand better why at times it feel like there were
barriers in between me and Him. Even as His missionary, there are times that we feel closer and farther apart. And I was able to
remember how Joseph in Egypt was cast into prison, made a slave, a servant, and was sold by his brethren. Joseph Smith was tarred and feathered, mocked, jailed, had his children die, and was eventually killed. I'm sure that they both felt at times that there were barriers
between them and God. But it was for their good. And God told Joseph Smith how they would be for his good. And I too, feel that mine were for my good. I understand so importantly how I need to balance. God helped me to really see how I need to laugh and have moments to just have fun more often. Joseph Smith was a full time prophet, but also ran around with kids. And of course, I will continue to be as obedient as possible, and as hard working as needed, but during breaks or times appropriate, I can loosen up and laugh and have fun :) Heavenly Father told me how that me having fun helps me to better use my talents and they will come out as I have more fun IN the hard working :)


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