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Monday, November 30, 2015

The attitude of Thanksgiving

Brother Saint Germa-Nancy France
New companion - Elder Tibbits
L'homes Family- Nancy, France

Nancy Ward Mission Leader- Ronan

Mooommmmoooo!!! (I was singing that :)

So, the trip was well...
Interesting.. I rode by myself because my new son (companion) missed the train...
We had met up at Paris and I loaded my luggage on the train with
another missionary and he just didn’t get on in time... But it worked
out, we met up 3 hours or so later in Arras. It was interesting being
alone. I talked to a lot of people on the train and explained a lot
about the Restoration. Being a missionary is so much fun!!
My new apartment is not bad!! It’s way big for just two and I really
like it!! Arras is a super pretty little town. It’s a mix of the
Belgium brick architecture and the lighter French stonework. It
reminds me a bit of the eastern US, parts like DC and others like

So, I am trying to find stuff to buy you all for Christmas, but I’m
struggling.. I found a gift for you, Mother :), but we can’t go to any
Christmas markets or anything because we aren’t allowed with all the
scares going on right now. So, would Sam or Kale like a French sweater
or some thing like that? And what about Dad?? So if they do, I need to
know ASAP so I can send it by next p-day so it arrives on time.

Here is the address:
Elder Jacob Lucas
Les Missionaires
10 Rue Saint Maurice
62000 Arras, FRANCE

I am not going to lie, it’s weird coming back to the north! It’s been
a year! At times the town resembles Valenciennes, they aren’t too far
a part from one another actually. But honestly, I couldn’t be happier!!
The ward is AMAZING!! So many speak English! Our Mission ward leader
is getting the ward involved and they were all so kind and open to
talk to me. Speaking of which, do you have any info on where in France
some of our ancestors come from? And how far back are they? Some
members were wondering.

Thanksgiving for me was GREAT! It was my second day here and there is
an older couple in the ward, in which the wife is American and the
husband is French. They fed us an amazing Thanksgiving meal!! It was
so nice of them. I already love it here in Arras!!

Our goal is to really get working with the members and I think that
the work is about to take off! Yesterday, we visited a family who had
lived in the states for several years and the father already gave out
a BOM and is working with the sisters to have this lady taught. It was
so awesome! Also, the ward mission leader has two objects that are
passed around from week to week in priesthood and relief society, and
whoever receives the object for the week has to give out a BOM. This
last week, the young man who had it, have out 3 BOMs. The ward is
really functioning super well! It’s so great to come to a ward that is
ready to work with us :)

So, this week, I came to discover that Elder Tibbitts had lost his
passport and we had to run back to Paris to get him legal again for a
bit! It was quite the experience. We ended up navigating through Paris
and the Versailles area, based on a little help and what I remembered
from an exchange with the APs haha. But hey! He is legal now so all is
good :)

I have been thinking about gratitude lately. And I believe that
gratitude is so critical for anyone who is trying to become like Jesus
Christ. When we recognize what we have we are able to experience life
to its fullness. Also, I watched a Mormon Message that talks about a
young man, who was going to commit suicide and what helped him was
first recognizing what is around him and those who loved him. He had
to become grateful for those who were there for him, and realized that
he wasn’t alone. I feel like depression and stress can sometimes be
cured through the principle of gratitude. When we don’t express the
gratitude that we feel for others, it’s like wrapping a gift, but not
giving it. We need to show our gratitude by serving and loving
everyday. After all, the Lord asks us to live in gratitude daily :)

Momma, I love you soooo much!! You are the greatest!

Love, Elder Jacob Lucas

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