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Monday, November 23, 2015


Dearest Mother,

I am being transferred this Wednesday to Arras! It's south of Lille...
Close to Valenciennes, where I started my mission. I will be finishing
the training of a new missionary. His name is Elder Tibbits and he has
already been trained for 1 transfer, actually by Elder Meng, my old
comp. Elder Meng is finishing his mission, so I'm replacing him. I
will also be the district Leader for about 8 missionaries or so. I'm
super excited to do it! It'll be a nice change :)

I did receive my package!! :) thank you so much!! I have been sharing
the candy with the frenchies and they love it. 

So, here is the address to my new apartment! 10 Rue Saint Maurice. 
We all need to fortify our testimonies every
day. Not just the weak need to be stronger, but we ALL do. Here in
France, people's hearts have been cold at times, but Heavenly Father
has been preparing the elect to receive the Word. This last transfer
has been difficult and we haven't been able to find hardly anyone- as
far as investigators go- who will listen, but we have had great
success in helping those who have fallen away (less actives). Doubts
will be present- we all have the attack of the adversary at times- and
in those moments, we can either stay true and stand with what we know,
or allow what we don't know to scare us. It ultimately comes down to
faith, and remembering the experiences that we have had that have
built our testimony. We must hold onto that!! If we do, God will
always come through for us! That I know with all my heart :)

The people here are okay. A lot are really startled and afraid. We
have shared a couple of spiritual thoughts with members about hope and
how to overcome the fears that plague them as result of the attacks.
It has been really neat to see the spirit work through us for their
specific needs. With one less active family that we visited last
night, the mom was very startled by the whole scenario and was really
worried about what to do. The spirit directed us to talk about how
Moroni must have felt at the end of the Book of Mormon. His family was
all killed. Friends all dead, and now he was being hunted by a raging
nation, all while he is trying to preserve a record that he knows will
bring the means of helping many. And how does he express himself in
Moroni 1:1? He says that he is writing this record FOR his BRETHEREN,
the Lamanites. He was filled with LOVE. We know that perfect love
casteth out all fear. And through the atonement of Christ, he was able
to let go of the anger, fear, and despair that I'm sure surrounded
him. This specific mother was scared for the future of her children,
and we showed her how the stripping Warriors were all protected
because of what their mothers taught them. We helped her to see that
she can reinforce her children in strength and hope by studying the
scriptures with them. What better way to confront the challenges that
await us? Now, remember that up to this point, she had been struggling
to come to church or even to study her scriptures with her kids. But
at that moment she boldly stated that she would read every day with
her children. She then had them commit to the invitation as well. What
a miracle! This huge trial truly became one of the greatest growing
moments for this family :)

As far as the rest of the people.. Many are afraid, some are angry.
I'm sure that you can imagine. The reactions vary. The People of the
church have had a very different reaction I must say. They are hopeful
and reside in the confidence of God, because of these disasters were
prophesied hundreds of years ago. If we follow the counsel of the
apostles and prophets, we will be protected. I know that to be true.

One family that I will keep contact with is Luis Escalante's family. Etienne, 
the oldest boy cried when I said goodbye to him yesterday. It was super sad... 
They are a great family, and may be going through the temple in a year :)

This is the fourth quarter- it is the time of the great harvest before
the Lord says it is finished- and I will work in whatever capacity He
asks of me. There is no greater joy that can be found other than
sharing the gospel and living it within families. I know that this is
the Lord's work and that He supports me and lifts me. 
This one is a bit shorter, but I wrote a lot to the family, which will explain more of my week :) I love being a missionary :)!! It is the greatest work! Sharing the gospel brings us so much joy. I love you!! Jacob
Elders with Luis and Family

Jacob and Guillam

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