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Monday, December 28, 2015

Last email for 2015!!!


It was AWESOME seeing you on Christmas!!! It was really refreshing to see you all, and I too, wish that I could have just spoken with you for hours and hours. I love you all so much!!

Speaking of Sam, tell him to write me!! Sam and Kale both look really good. It’s still weirding me out that Kale has sideburns.. Puberty hit him like a train..

I’m glad that the quorums are doing well. That’s great to hear. It’s been interesting being out here, I have been in the fire and the Lord has been shaping me everyday. I asked for trials, hoping to be like Nephi, and they came, and they have been amazing. It may have been rash, but I will never regret asking for them, because what I have learned has changed me forever. Today, I was reading about faith in PMG and I came across this, “Faith in Him means that you trust Him and are confident that He loves you.” It really hit me and I reflected how everything in the gospel stems from the knowledge that God loves us and that we trust Him. Nephi didn’t know all things but when the Angel asked him, he did say that he knew that God loves his children, and that’s what leads us to learn more. If we know that He loves us, then we know that all the commandments are only going to help us. It means that the experiences that we have here are meant to help us. It means that we trust His plan and know that all will be okay. I think often we think of God as man who grades us in Heaven, but He is actually like the father of the prodigal son who runs to us and rejoices in us coming home. That’s all that He wants. He rejoices in our true happiness. And that’s why He sent Christ for us all. Some of the greatest experiences in my life have been going to the Savior and letting Him cleanse me. I know that the atonement is real because I have felt it. I feel it everyday as I repent and strive to be better. It’s amazing.

Here are some experiences:
·      Last Sunday, I started to talk with a woman at the bus stop, and her Boyfriend walked up, and he had the “back off” face on, but then I introduced myself to him and started talking to him way more than her to put him at ease. We were talking about church and I invited them to come. Yesterday they came and really liked it!! Oh yeah!!! It was sweet :)    
For district meeting, I felt prompted to have everyone in the District share their testimony about the Savior and it was extremely spiritual. It was very uplifting and encouraging to hear testimonies being born in English by people who are experiencing the same things. Then, on Christmas Eve, we had a district activity where we had a scavenger hunt throughout Amiens with conference talks to accomplish help with sharing the gospel. We also had a white elephant gift and secret Santa exchange amongst the district. It was like family away from family.

·      Franck, our most progressing investigator is out of town in Lyon until after the New Year :( but we will get him when we comes back)

·      Gerry: he ran into the Zone leaders while they were here in Arras and He was really interested and so we fixed a rendezvous with him, and he told us this story: he was born Catholic, but at 18, thought that if there wasn’t a God, then there weren’t restrictions, so he decided to leave God behind. But recently he has found that he isn’t happy at all, and he has started to search again. It was funny at the beginning of the rendezvous, because we were giving him a tour of the church, and we mentioned, “The Book of Mormon”, and he nervously asked if we were Mormon. Here in France, people are on colt alert and sometimes think that we are an active polygamist Practicing colt. It didn’t help that the youth were having a Star Wars marathon in one of the main rooms of the church... It was just awkward. But hey, we sorted it out, and even got one of the wannabe Jedi’s to teach with us. And then the lesson was great. We taught about Joseph Smith, and the member that we taught with is a return missionary who was able to give the Joseph Smith story. It was powerful. We promised him about God’s love and how he only wants us to be happy. It was really cool. We will be meeting with him again soon.

·      My comp lost his passport before I came here and so all transfer we have been going to Paris and since he has only been here for 2 months, and doesn’t understand everything, I am the one to sort it all out. And it’s been really cool to figure it all out! I’ve learned a lot about legality. The morning that we were going to go to Paris, we woke up early, and as I am showering, I hear Elder Tibbitts talking... And I was super confused because the phone hadn’t gone off, so I knew that he wasn’t on the phone, but he was talking.. And then I hear, “Oh my gosh!!!”. And he repeats it. And so finally I throw a towel around my body and look out in my half asleep-half shower Zen state (it was 6 or so in the morning) and he is holding his old passport. He had found it.. In a pocket of his side bag that he carried sigh him every hour of every day... So now he had two passports in the equation. It was interesting. So, long story short, we were in Paris for two days figuring out that crazy situation.

·      On Christmas after Skype, we went to visit a family with the Bishop and taught about charity. Christ was always thinking about others and never Himself, and we correlated that with charity. Even after the excruciating atonement, He heals a man’s ear. While suffering on the cross, He comforts His mother and the two thieves next to Him. I hope that I can be like my Savior, in thinking more of others. Dad, I love you. You’re amazing!

Love, Elder Jacob Lucas

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