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Monday, December 7, 2015

Look to Christ and Live!

The work here is going SOOO well!!! The ward here is about to explode
with missionary work. This last week we worked with a young man, who
is 17, and wants to serve a mission. We taught a less active with him,
and also taught him about sharing the gospel and prayed with him to
know who he could invite to a Christmas party in a couple of weeks. He
made a list of 4 friends and I asked him which of the four, he felt
prompted to invite, and he told me, without a pause, that he would
invite all of them!! Boo yeah!! We then visited a family that he home
teaches with him, and challenged them to make a list and pray about
which of the people of the list they could share the gospel with. We
have been doing similar challenges to many of the families in the

Our Ward Mission Leader has developed a way to have a Book Of Mormon given
out week by a different member. He has a stone and a little stick
that are passed around in priesthood opening and relief society. What
happens is that the person who has the stone or stick that week has to
give out a BOM. They keep the rock or stick in their pocket to remind
them of that responsibility that week. If they don’t do it, they have
to keep it for another week and give out two BOMs. If they do finish
the challenge, then they can pass it to another person. It works
great!!! The members are really striving to share the gospel and you
can literally feel the energy picking up at church to share the
gospel. In the ward, there are 6 or so, recently returned
missionaries, and they are all trying to share the gospel, and many
testimonies were given talking about how incredible it is to share the

We had a man come to church!! His name is Franck Dogbe... I don’t know
how to pronounce his last name, but I don’t say it for fear of
accidentally pronouncing it “Dog”... He speaks English so... I don’t
want to mess it up ;)

But we actually we found him my second day here, just as we were
walking home. We started to talk to him about families and he was
totally interested to listen, so we invited him to church. Yesterday
was the second time we saw him and it went awesome! The ward really
reached out to him and welcomed him in. One of the return missionaries
taught the Sunday school class for investigators and we all talked
about the BOM. It went great :)

I read a great talk by James E. Faust from April 1996, called, “What I
Want My Son to Know before He Leaves on His Mission”. I highly
recommend that you read it with the boys. It is right on with the
advice. I especially like the analogy at the end with the apples and
seeds. Our job is to invite and work hard, and God will do His work in
His time:) success in the mission is also found in what the missionary
becomes as he works hard, not by the baptisms. I have learned that
sometimes baptisms are given to those, who may not have even worked
hard for them, to help them continue on the mission. And even if that
isn’t the case, the real reason isn’t as important as it is to know
that God loves each of us so much and will give us the experience that
we need to develop. If we work hard and smart and love Him, it will
all work out :)

Two years ago on this date, we won the state championship :O just
thought that I would “throw” that out there (sorry that was a really
lame pun) haha.

I have really learned while on the mission how true it is
that we find ourselves when we look to serve Christ. If we are lost,
we find ourselves by looking away from us. It can be compared to how
if lost in the forest, the only way to find yourself is to look around
yourself. If you are continually focused on you, then of course, you
will never get out of the forest because you aren’t looking to where
you need to go. As we focus on loving others, and seeing to their
needs, we in turn become capable to help them because we aren’t
focused on our own problems. It’s the same in sports. Focus on what
has to be accomplished instead of your own performance. If we focus on
ourselves, then we distract ourselves from success in any case in
life. I think that if Sam goes to Father, asking for help to see
himself as God sees him, and then strives to forget his own fears of
anxiety, and focuses on what he needs to do, he will find that he will
accomplish the task ad his confidence will grow :) it’s just a

I love Scotty so much :) Momma Farley wrote Brian and me today,
telling us how we received that “shoutout” in sacrament and how we are
expected to return home this year haha. :)

Thank you for your thought on discouragement. I loved it, and it has
been something that I am doing great with. I ask myself everyday, that
if today was my last, how would I go about it. As a missionary, it
doesn’t change necessarily what I do, because I am continually serving
and obeying, but it changes how I do it. I try to love every moment.
Love every person the way that they need it. Love and forget myself in
the love of others. I believe that we are commanded to love others
like that because it the true path to happiness. Loving God, and
loving others as Christ would. It’s spectacular:)

Don’t take this in the wrong way- I’m not trunky at all, or
distracted, but I am SO excited to see you all in 3 weeks :)))))) I
pray for you all almost daily and you are all so close to my heart. I
honestly can’t describe how much you all mean to me:)

Dad, I love you so much! You are absolutely amazing. Know that I know
with all my heart that Christ is at the head of this church and this
work. Our family is eternal, and this great work is work of God! Love
you all!!

Love, and BISOUS

Elder Jacob Lucas

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