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Monday, December 14, 2015

Way Pumped!!!!

Christmas Conference


What’s going on??

I’m glad that you liked the excitement :) I am WAY PUMPED!!! The ward
is doing better and better each week. This last week, we weren’t in
Arras a ton, because we had an exchange in St. Quentin, then went to
Paris for Elder Tibbitts’ renewed passport, then on Friday we had the
Christmas conference. Crazy right?? But, we used our time to its
fullest and pumped out some work!!

We are visiting a less active family who has two 13 year old boys, who
don’t understand at all the importance of church or spirituality. I
sat by them in church and talked to one about how just 6 years ago, I
was their age. I talked to them about how I read the BOM when I was
10, and how it changed my life. I talked with him about how to listen
in church, that it’s not just facts or information, but it’s how we
APPLY the info. We need to apply what we learn so we too, can have
spiritual experiences like those in the scriptures!! We then visited
them last night, and j had them act out the first couple of chapters

of the BOM so that they can learn the stories. We will act out next
week what they read during the week :)

I had an interesting exchange this week with an elder who doesn’t
really know why he is out here. I strived to follow the Holy Ghost to
know how to help him and we had a long talk about obedience and the
“why”. All in all, he is starting to change and I’m excited for him.
There was a moment on the exchange where a young girl, who looked
about 14, said that she was 19, came up and started to hit on him. He
has never had a girlfriend or really much contact with girls, and got
SUPER uncomfortable. We got out of it pretty well, but it was pretty
funny to watch haha.

We also had a miracle! While on the exchange, he was really lacking
the desire to go out, and it was frustrating. But, we prayed to know
exactly what to do, and the spirit told us to go contacting and where
to do it. We went down the road, and it was blasting rain on us, and
we talked with everyone we could. We finally found a young man who
asked a lot of questions about if God was there, then why all the hurt
and anger. We were able to explain the plan of salvation, and even
brought him back to the church, where there happened to be a member
who was able to teach with us. It was amazing!! Miracle!!

I was able to watch the talk by elder Uchdorf. Amazing!!

I also prayed like you asked me to, and Dad, I was filled with an
incredible amount of love and appreciation for Christ and the Father.
They live. I know it! Christ is our Elder brother, our friend, and our
teacher. I know that!!

Sorry this isn’t too detailed. We don’t have a ton of time. I made a
p-day activity for the district and we played that drawing game that
you love and pass it around and guess what it is. We did that with
Scripture stories and it was hilarious :)

Dad, I love you!! You are AMAZING. I pray for you often :)

Love, E J Lucas

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