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Monday, January 25, 2016

Battles are won!


It was a great week!! It’s been really fun and eye opening :)
We learned about that same lesson in priesthood yesterday, and it
really touched me as well! I hope to be a missionary that has a peace
inside of me like the Savior so that I can help others feel at peace.
I hope that people will be able to recognize this in me as a
representative of Christ.

This last week, I had an interesting battle with the adversary. He was
telling me how I wasn’t worthy to be out and brought up things from
long ago, telling me that I may not have fully repented or things like
that, and I went to my Father to know what to do, He told me that I
was clean. That I am pure and worthy to be here, but also that I
needed to call my Mission President and talk about it. So I did. And
we had a really amazing conversation about as we grow in spirituality,
we can feel that we may need to more fully repent of something than we
had felt at an earlier point in life, and also how the adversary tries
to take advantage of guilt and try to distract us from the work that
we are called to do. It was interesting. With that, I have had AMAZING
spiritual experiences this last week in feeling close to HF and in
strengthening my testimony of this true and living church, the BOM,
and the Savior. I know that it’s all true Mom!! And I love telling
everyone about it!!! It’s amazing :)

I have been working on being grateful and looking outside of myself. I
have found that to be a way to combat stress. Stress is looking inward
and at things we can’t control, while gratitude is looking outward,
and then we can better see our situation around us and internally.
It’s really neat :)

I appreciate how you tell me what is happening in the family. It
really teaches me a lot.

It sounds like you gave Dad a perfect birthday :) I’m sure that he was
thrilled. You’re always so thoughtful and kind with your gifts!
You won’t believe it! I got the package!!! :))) .. It’s actually
pretty funny because it was the 13th or 12th of January and Elder
Tibbitts and I were talking about how it was finally Christmas!! And I
was so pumped! We go to the post during lunch AND!! The post was
closed!!! What the?!?! LAME!! We had to wait until dinner but that was
okay :) I got it!! And thank you so much!! I got the other ones as
well, with the bands, and cap :) Thank your or the clothes, snacks,
protein, bands, candy and love :) you are so good to me :)
You’re taking a French class? I can’t wait to speak French with you on
Mother’s Day :)
This last week, I was really able to serve my comp. He was having a
rough time with the language and with initiative and we have had some
really good conversations. And what was weird was that literally
everything that I have been talking to him about what said by Elder
Kearon at the mission conference! It was crazy!!

At the Kearan conference, I reflected a lot on the type of man that I
want to be. I want to be a faithful follower of Christ in all aspects
of life. I want to be a man who is grateful and loves moments. I want
to be a man that believes and has confidence, and that never gives up.
I could go on and on about the attributes, but it’s summed up pretty
well, that I want to be like Him :)
We have a new ami!! The wife of a less active!! I’m so pumped!! We
will be teaching her tomorrow.

Sorry, this is getting cut short, but I love you!!!!! :)))) You are AMAZING!!

Love Elder Jacob Lucas :)

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