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Monday, January 11, 2016


Hello!! Mom and Dad!!!

I am GREAT!! 

This week was crazy! We went to Paris for two days- one for my comps
passport and the other for a mission conference for leaders. THAT
conference was AMAZING! President talked about the mission's culture
and how we need to change it. And that was something that I was really
praying for. Manny missionaries are disobedient and don't really want
to be missionaries and it's soooo lame!! And so this theme of changing
the mission was a reply to my prayers. And I'm sooo pumped for it!
This transfer I really plan to change a lot with my district. It's
going to be cool!!

We are working with about 12 to 15 families in the ward who are trying
to talk to their friends about the gospel!! The work is really picking
up!! Unfortunately, many of our friends who were on vacation haven't
called us back, but we will find others!! :) since our DMP doesn't
really have a huge mission plan, I had a really huge promoting to make
one and this Friday, I will present it with the other missionaries to
him. It's really cool!! I'm really proud of it.

I have a lot of goals this transfer. One is that I am sick of
missionary apartments being dirty and this one was nasty getting here
and so we are going to go all out on fixing it up! We have been
working on it last transfer too.

Elder Tibbitts and I are really wanting to make our apartment our home
and we want to be so united, that we are a family. Dad will be pleased
to know that we made our own family mission statement! It incorporates
all our goals and how we will carry them out this transfer!!

I am so sorry that This is so short... I feel awful.. But hey, know
that more than anything else, that I LOVE you both SO MUCH!! The work
is going great and I am doing wonderful!! Thank you for always loving

Elder Jacob Lucas

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