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Monday, February 8, 2016

New Pictures

Hitting the streets of Arras
Arras Street
Service day helping the ward mission leader on his farm. Elder Tibbits," I got the goose! Let's see if it lays golden eggs!"
Playing the goose...

Elder Lucas learning how to correctly hold a bird.

Elder Lucas and Elder Tibbits sporting the blue jumpsuits!

At the bell tower in Arras with the giants.

A parc near their home.
Elder Lucas and Tibbits

Excerpts from Jacob's letter:

So as for my week here is the run down:

This last Monday after pday we planned for the upcoming week. This
Week was pretty difficult because usually we plan the Friday before,
for the coming week, but because of all the craziness last weekend, we
didn’t have a chance.

District Meeting! We have it in Amiens and it was great!! We talked
about Elder Wirthlin’s talk, “Living in Thanksgiving Daily”, and it
was amazing!! Something that really hit me was that often because of
hardships, we allow ourselves to be acted upon, and choose not be
happy- letting our situations control us. We choose not to be
grateful. However, out of everyone, the Savior had the most pain of
all mankind. If anyone had a hard position it’s Him! He felt the pains
of all mankind!! But He was grateful for it and made the best of it!
He made that experience into what becomes some of our most beautiful
experiences here in this life: us changing and growing through His
atonement. By being grateful and seeing things for how they are
beautiful, we will find true joy.

We visited the Bishop on this day and we were prompted to talk with
him about the people in his neighborhood and if they knew any of
them.. But strangely he and his family did not react well to the
conversation and didn’t know really anyone.. BUT, then afterward
Bishop was talking to us and said that he had had a thought that when
we visit members, we need to ask them first if they have FAMILY who
aren’t members. He explained how the French are very family based and
will certainly have nonmember family members. And the next question
that we should ask is if they have less active family members. Who
better to share the gospel than their own family? He preceded that
the next question should be if they know any less actives that used to
be there at church but have fallen away, and lastly we should ask
about friends and neighborhoods. It was inspired! We also visited a
less active with Bishop who hadn’t been to church in a long time, and
you could see in his eyes that there was a great sadness. He and his
wife were consumed with the cares of the world, and it wasn’t filling.
It was interesting to see!

Our new Investigators from weeks past canceled appointments
and it was a bummer, but it opened up time for an important
tasks we had.

On Friday we went to our Mission Ward Leader’s Home and served him. He
lives out in the country and needed help out there. It was a great
opportunity :)

Sat and Sunday:

Pretty crazy! It all started with our workout in the
morning on Saturday. We were doing sprints and I saw a car coming  and
we didn't want to wait to sprint, so we took office the opposite
direction of it:.. Well what we didn't know was that it was a police
car!! So while sprinting, I heard the car come up and heard someone
trying to talk to me. And my first thought was that it would awkwardly
be a member who was driving by or something... But I look and it's a
cop!! They thought that we were running away from them!! They asked
what we were doing and I told them that I was running!! ... Luckily
they let us go and it wasn't a big deal haha :) I
We later helped a lady who is a friend of a member move! Her name is
Isabelle, and she is actually an awesome potential Investogator! But
unfortunately she will probably be for the Sisters :(( but we helped
out for a couple of hours and it was some sweet service. Sunday was
crazy though! It was fast Sunday- which was fantastic (I fasted for
greater spirituality and the Lord really enlightened my mind and
helped me to know what I needed to do to keep progressing :) ), and to
start off the morning, we taught the priesthood lesson on member
missionary work. Then one of the less actives that we are working with
came and that Sunday, he was planning to have his baby blessed, but we
brought him to our investigator because it would help him understand.
Right after that, he asked me if I would be the one to bless his
baby... It was about 5 or so minutes before the blessing... Alright,
let's go!! So I did! And that baby didn't just cry.. It screamed and
yelled! It wasn't just afraid of being up there, but terrified. We
didn't have a microphone either, so really no one could hear me...
(That may have been a good thing ;) ). But the irony was that the baby
was blessed to be a peacemaker of sorts in her family.. (Note that
this is happening while she is the least peaceful thing in a the whole
building), but even with the crying, I felt the spirit truly touch me
to know what to bless her with and she will greatly help her family.
Her mother isn't a member and we are trying to work with her, but for
the moment her heart is closed. The family is struggling, But that
baby will really help the family to have peace and joy. It was cool to
see that through Heavenly Father's eyes for a couple of moments :) He
sent them a special spirit.

Dad, I love you!! This work is amazing and I am so grateful for it!!
The stone will be moved! I know it and rejoice in it!! Have a
wonderful week!
Elder Jacob Lucas

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