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Monday, March 14, 2016

Finding Day

I won't be able to send out a top ten this week, but I hope that my
other letters explain a lot of my week. 

We had an amazing finding day this last week!! We found an overall of
5 new Amis on Saturday and we had about 12 or so members who came out
to work with us. We had all the members on splits with the
missionaries!! It went great :) it's been fun to learn how to plan and
grow. I feel so much more confident in my ability to connect and
communicate with adults as where before the mission, it was intimating
at times to talk with church leaders :) now I am friends with them
here and teach them at times haha!!

Another highlight, I was able to hear a Elder Christofferson speak
yesterday!! It was incredible :) he is phenomenal! He hit on tithing
and the sabbath day- both points that I knew will GREATLY change the
atmosphere here. And it was by the spirit that he gave the talk if I
understood right. It was fantastic.

Dad, I LOVE YOU!! I'm sorry that I didn't get out a mass. I will next
week :) I love you!!

Smile big, because today is the best day of your whole life!!

Love, Me

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