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Monday, April 4, 2016

3 set for Baptism .....

1. 3 Baptismal dates set! That’s right!! Happy Birthday to me ;) it was a nice little present from Heavenly Father. It was great :)

2.      First baptismal date is a self referral Investigator! He was the one who came to church last week! Yes, Brother Dani Demette! He’s awesome! We gave him the Book of Mormon, and came back for the return rendezvous, and he tells us three things. 1. He really likes the book! He loves how it all about prophets prophesying about Jesus Christ. 2. He feels that he needs to repent. He has realized that he has sinned, and that every time he sins it hurts the Savior. He wants to make it right. 3. He wants to get baptized!!! He said that he never had the opportunity to do it, so he really wanted to do it. AMAZING right?!? So we have been teaching him and he will be baptized on the 30th of April. Or at least that’s the goal!

3.      King! He is name is King. We were teaching him a couple of months ago, but then he fell off the map. But we re-contacted him and started teaching him. This last week, we gave him a call to see how he was doing and he told us that his great aunt just passed away. We asked him if he wanted some friends, and offered to come over and talk. We shared the Easter message of Hallelujah and he was really touched. We showed him where in the BOM it talks about life after death. The conversation then took a different route and we invited him to be baptized. The spirit was so strong and he accepted it! He too will be being baptized on the 30th of April!

4.      David!! ..Or Doan. That’s his name in his native tongue. But he prefers David. He’s from Pakistan! And we found him contacting with a youth, soon to to be missionary. He speaks better English than French. So we started talking English, and shared a bit of the message of the Restoration. He then told us that he couldn’t say a lot because he didn’t know a lot about the subject. And then our youth said in the English that he knew, that it want important for him to know all about the subject. All that was important was for him to feel the spirit and to feel that it was true. He said that he had done that and that he knew that it was true!! It was sooo cool! It was so simple, but so strong. The gospel isn’t complicated:) we taught him two days after, and again on Saturday. He accepted the invitation to be baptized on the 30 of April as well!!

5.      I had the sweet tender mercy of being apart of giving several blessings this week. One was a member that has a hard family situation with her husband. I had felt prompted to stay at the church after a meeting that we had had, and she came up to me and I could tell that she was having a rough time. She asked for a blessing, and we gave it. It’s amazing the love that one feels from Heavenly Father when giving a blessing to one of His children. He loves and knows each one of us! I know that to be true!

6.      Another blessing that I was able to give was to a return sister missionary. Yesterday, I was in Lille for a missionary meeting, and general conference, and I saw a missionary (she was French) with whom I had served with in Nantes over a year ago. After one of the sessions, she approached me, and she asked for a blessing. She mentioned that she needed help in school and other areas. However during the blessing I felt prompted to tell her that she would know, in time, by the spirit who her future husband would be. She told me afterward that that was one of the things that she had actually be wondering about-as she was becoming close with a certain young man. It was super cool!!

7.         General Conference. It was AMAZING!!! Some things that I really loved were the following:

·      The theme of loving one another! I realized that I need to better love those around me, and be more like the Savior. I need to search to lift and love more profoundly. I need to help more people!
·      Importance of being a husband and father. It hit me pretty hard that one day I will be a father... And I realized that I need to stop being a boy-- and be a man! It was sort of a smack to the face in a couple of ways, but hey better now than when it happens haha! I need to prepare!
·      I need to better prepare spiritually and act everyday according to my beliefs! How often do we have the amazing perspective that God is our Father!! Christ loves us and lives!! We should be the HAPPIEST people around!! Happiness is a choice!!

·      I had many other thoughts, but I don’t have a ton of time. But in any case, I received all the answers to my questions and came away with a huge list of things that I need to work on during the next 6 months. I’m pretty excited!! I didn’t reach all ten, but I want to let you all know that I know with all my heart that my Savior lives! I know that President Monson is a prophet of God! We are sooo blessed and are given so much!! We can live after this life with our loved ones because of Christ! If you don’t know this, then I encourage you to search it out! Ask God if it is true. I did. And it’s changed my life. Loves to all :) have a great week!

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