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Monday, April 11, 2016

I love the word repent because it really means "RETURN"

Hello all my friends!! Thank you for the birthday wishes :) you’re great!! This one will be short, but I’ll still give some tops of the week!!

1. ANOTHER BAPTISMAL DATE!! Unfortunately 2 of the ones from before,

King and David, are currently not going to happen on the 30, and we
have yet to reschedule another one with them, but we have found
someone else!! His name is Ambroise! He already comes to church and
everything with his family but just hasn’t been baptized! It’s like
Heavenly Father decided to do all the work for us and let us baptize
him!! SWEET!!

2. Miracle!! We were contacting and I had the distinct impression to

go to a certain bus stop to talk to the people that were there. We
didn’t know of anyone would be there, but we went! And there was a
lady with her two children there! Her name is Fabienne, and the
children, Dylan and Elodie. We talked about the plan of salvation and
she had actually lost a son a while back. We set up a rendezvous and
we teach them. It turned out that the day we teach them is the
birthday of the child that she lost those years ago.. We taught them
how we will live after this life, and shared the video, Hallelujah,
and testified of the Savior :) Heavenly Father’s plan is perfect! We
will be hopefully setting some baptismal dates up for this weekend :))

3. I love the thought of how the word, “repent” really means to

return. I read Helamen 5 this last and when Heavenly Father says to
repent, it’s not out of frustration, but out of love. He is simply
asking all of us with open arms, to come home. We wants you to be full
of His love. He wants to help you achieve your dreams and become
everything you hope for!! So come to Him, and He will love you and
fill you with an inexplicable joy :) I promise! I have felt it over
and over again!!

Love you all!!

Elder Lucas

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