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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Belgium and President Uchdorf!

Hello everyone!!! I hope that life is treating you all well!!!

Sorry about the last couple of weeks. Email time has been interesting.
And sorry to everyone that has written me and I still haven’t written
back. I’m doing my best :)

So, for those of you that don’t know, we had a baptism last week!! So
I will include in the top ten a couple of experiences from the last
weeks as well :)

1.Alright, so the baptism!! One of the most spiritual baptisms that I

have ever attended. Brother Demette (our ami) was really happy and
really prepared. I had a wonderful experience baptizing him. I must
admit, the water could have been warmer.. Frere Demette was walking
into the water pretty slow- I don’t know if it was the cold if he just
wanted to savor the experience.. So there was the Arctic present, and
because of it, I don’t know if he really wanted to go all the way
under the water. It was like slow motion!! Just slowly going. In
addition to that, I didn’t step wide enough, and he didn’t bend his
knees a lot, so I wasn’t totally centered as I was lowering him.. In a
moment of terror I thought that I was going to go Alma style and
baptize myself too!! Luckily I did sports before and was athletic
enough to save myself from a falling embarrassment,  and no one else
even knew. So he’s still going down in slow motion and the water
starts to cover his face. And it’s about to get his nose, and he
stops.. I think that he is under the impression that he is all the way
under and wants to come up.. Oh no!! Sorry my friend, I have to
baptize you all the way!! And so I keep pushing him down!! Finally the
nose goes under, and I’m hoping that he’s not going to be gasping for
air from being under the water for so Long, and I cried to find out
that his foot came up.. Noooo!! Hahahaha so we redid it. The second
time was great. While getting out of the font, it Really hit me
exactly what had taken place. This man had made a promise to follow
his Savior and had entered the door that leads to the path to
returning to God. With the gift of the spirit, he was completely
clean. How incredible! Repentance is a miracle. And it’s a miracle
that we get live everyday :) the amount of love that I felt from this
baptism was indescribable. It was amazing. That is truly a saving
ordinance and God’s love is made manifest in it. I am soooo happy that
was I able to be a part of that :) ... Unfortunately for our dear
friend Brother Demette, his daughter passed away the Thursday after
the baptism. And the faith that he has demonstrated has been
incredible. He told me that if God has decided to take his daughter,
then he knows that she is in a better place. He is still going strong
in his belief that God has a plan for us. May we all have that same
conviction for all situations in life. May we live the gospel and
experience it and not just talk about it in church.

2.Brother Demette received the priesthood yesterday!!! He asked me to

give it to him and I was sooo honored. I had to memorize how to do it
I’m French which was an experience in and of itself, but I did well,
and it was truly incredible. The spirit that was there truly testified
of the truth and reality of the priesthood. I know it’s true. He then
blessed the sacrament as a priest and it was truly an amazing blessing
to be able to witness that.

3.Life lesson: when life is hard and you want to groan, learn to to

laugh!! Today a 3 year old kid wasn’t feeling super good and barfed
all over the floor at the train station... Where did he choose to do
that? Right in front of the door... Haha one could groan or one could
laugh at the odds of out of all the places to puke, it would be in
front of the entrance.. “Hmmm here is good spot... Everyone gets to
see what I created!” ...yeah laughing makes it much better than

4.News!! I am going to Belgium!! A town called Nivelles. And

apparently, it is one of the best wards in the mission!! I am soooo
excited. Because I a, leaving, members wanted to invite me over to
make me my favorite French-mech dish which is tartiflette!! So today, we
are blessed enough  to be eating tartiflette for lunch and dinner at
different member’s homes. It’s a bunch of cheesy potatoes with bacon
bits essentially... And it puts you in this nice coma of satisfaction
after you eat it :) you all have to try it!

5.Speaking of food, we ate Iranian food again! Our Iranian friends

had us over and it was amazing!! They also invited another friend from
Iran over who lives in Lille (a nearby city) and she wants to be

6.Let me just say that I absolutely love the members in this ward of

Arras. It has been incredible being here and I believe that many of
them will be my friends for life. I have learned so much while being
here and a part of my heart will stay.

7.Miracle!! We found this new couple while contacting by the train

station!! And they are SO cool! Both in 20s and he is Catholic and she
is originally Japanese, but was adopted by French people when little.
They are soooo cool!! She is polytheistic, but is super open and he is
awesome too! We had brought them cookies because we had extra and the
second time they made us cake :) blessings :) but more important than
that was that we testified of how because of Christ, we will live
again, and the spirit  was sooo strong. I know that He lives. I am a
missionary, called of God to testify of my Savior. How lucky I am!!

8.President Uchtdorf is coming to Brussels tomorrow to speak to the

members here and I get to go!!

9.Did some sweet service this week. For an older couple, we

demolished an older building in their back yard so they can use the
space to build more onto their house. Brought back memories to lifting
weights. I’m a little afraid that Sam, my little brother will be a
little-a lot- bigger than me when I get home, but we will see what
happens. We also helped a member who is probably around his nineties
dig a hole and then work in his garden. While there, I had the
pleasure to talk with him, and let me just say, if you want to be
happy, go and make a new friend. Go and find someone to help :) like
Michael Jackson said, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror!!”

10.In leaving my ward family, I was able to share my testimony, and

it’s interesting because I was thinking about what to say, and it hit
me the most important thing that I could ever do and say and leave
behind-didn’t have to do with me. It had to do with my Savior. The
most important was the most simple. It was to testify of Him. And I’m
telling  you, that out of everything in this letter, the most
important thing that I hope that you remember is that Christ lives.
God lives. God loves you. He wants you home. He is always there for
you. This is His church. I know it :)
Have a wonderful week my friends!!

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