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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Belgium is AWESOME!!

Hello to all of my wonderful friends!!

This last week has been long!! And really tiring! Not in a bad way
though!! It’s been fantastic :) must a lot has happened. So my top ten
are more or less in chronological order, so here’s the breakdown.

1. Leaving Arras was sad. I really love the people and I really want

to keep contact with all of them. It’s so weird being a missionary.
Sometimes it’s like we have different lives because of all the drastic
changes that happen. It’s hard to mesh it all together in my head

2. However, the night before I left Arras, we went up to Brussels and

listened to Elder Ucthdorf!! He came to comfort the saints there
because of the attacks, and it was AMAZING! Here are some of the
highlights for me. He talked about principles that are sooo simple but
so powerful. Sometimes we make the gospel much too complicated. For
example, he spoke about how the plan that God has created is the plan
of happiness. But do we allow the gospel to fill us with this
happiness? Do we live the gospel every day?? He also talked about
positivity. We need to be optimistic and happy!! We can make a huge
difference!! The world is changed by people who take time with people
in their everyday lives. By showing love to others with whom I see and
speak everyday, I can change the world! Do we recognize that? One life
CAN make a difference. Be that life! Let out the light!! It’s all
inside of you :) He talked about how God has not given us the spirit
of fear but of power and of love. God WANTS us to be confident. So be
confident in who you are as a child of God and go and change the world
:) you CAN do it. That’s why YOU are here!!

3. So from Arras I went to Paris, and actually then stayed in

Versailles for a couple of days. I stayed with Elder McBride-the old
Assistant-because he and I are now both the district leaders in
Belgium and are technically both the zone leaders as well (there
aren’t any zone leaders), and for that, we were invited to the Mission
Council in Paris, on Friday. And let me just say that Versailles is
BEAUTIFUL!! And while there, guess what?!? I was able to listen to
Elder Uchtdorf AGAIN! He visited the people in Paris as well. And this
time, he shared something that really touched me. Something that he
didn’t share the other time. He said that when you listen to the
spirit, listen to your heart. The spirit will touch you in your heart.
And that was needed for me. Too often, we try to think through the
gospel. But the things of the spirit can only be learned by the
spirit. We will FEEL that the gospel is true. If we try to just think
it all out, or think which religion is right, we may or may not find
an answer, because it’s not just mental learning. God will tell us in
our hearts. We may not be able to mentally understand everything now
in this life. I know that I sure don’t. But that’s okay. What I do
know is that this is true. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and
Redeemer of the world! And this is His church, and Joseph Smith saw
what he said that he saw. I know it in my heart. It’s true. And you
can know it too :) open your heart and ask.


4. Mission council was fantastic! I really loved it. I feel that most

of all the problems in the mission- and in life- can be answered when
we understand the “why”. We need to ask ourselves, “Why do we do the
things that we do?”. It will really open our eyes. It’s not so much
always the how that needs answering, but the why. For we can figure
out the how when we understand the why. Missionaries need to know WHY
they are here, and then the HOW in what they do changes. It’s
interesting. Ask yourself why you do what you do :)


5. Alright, and let me just say that Belgium is AWESOME!! I had a

Belgium waffle and they are all that they are cracked up to be!! ..why
do I always find myself talking about food in these things haha??


6. While waiting for a train in a Brussels, I talked to a lot of

people, and found some amazing people from Côte d’Ivoire who were
really open and interested!! It was really touching. Never hesitate to
open that mouth about the gospel! God is preparing people my friends!!

7. When I got to Nivelles, my companion was at the Bishop’s home, and

they fed me an amazing meal. It was such a nice first night :)


8. I don’t know what was going on, but one of the nights here there

was some crazy rock show or some thing blasting around the time when
we were going to bed. The people here like to have fun it seems haha!!


9. On Saturday, my companion said that we were going to play sports

with some investigators... And we’ll it turned out to be this prank
that is pulled on all the missionaries when they get here... We were
actually doing service-and it was cleaning out horse poop and hay out
of horse stables.. Well there you go... It was for a member and so I
was happy to help :)


10. I presented myself to the ward, and let me just say, the ward is

SO nice!! I have had old companions who served here before. In fact
Elder Oldham was here at the same time when Elder Young was here and
on his first Sunday (all missionaries give a testimony when they
come), told everyone that he was Elder Oldham, and said that in
English that translates to “Old ham”. Everyone laughed. And then Elder
Young (who I trained over a year ago) got up and said that he was
Elder Young, and that “young” in English means, “beautiful man”. So
when I got there, j reminded them of that experience but told them
that I was the one who trained Elder Young, or in mission terms, I was
his father. So if they were wondering who was the real “handsome
man”... It was pretty funny.

11. All in all, it was been a great week!! My friends have a great

week! Love you all :)

1.   Leaving Arras... Sad... Really love the people...
2.   Seeing Elder Uctdorf!! AMAZING!! We can change the world!!
3.   Versailles. BEAUTIFUL! Learned a lot from Elder McBride. And Elder
      Uchtdorf again!! Listen to your heart!!
4.   Mission Council
5.   Belgium waffles
6.   Finding awesome couple from Côte d’Ivoire in the Belgium Train
      Station. Kendra.
7.   Bishop’s family took me in!!
8.   Getting told that it was Saturday sports and it was poop cleaning...
9.   Crazy rock concert thing one night...
10.  Presenting myself to the ward.. It was fun!
11.  Self reliance. I LOVED it! Using what I know for the future :)
12.  Priorities and doing what we need to do.
13.  The work here is about the explode!! :)) God is sending Angels now
       and preparing the way!!

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