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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dad's letter


I’m glad that I still have my social capacities :) that’s a relief ;)
My experience here in Arras has been really enlightening- even when it
didn’t seem like it haha! I have really learned a lot about myself and
it’s been really inspiring to see how the Lord is creating me into a
palace when I just wanted to be a little cottage. At times I was
tempted to worry and think that I was being cut down- but sometimes we
need to be cut down so that we can create something even better. He
had to knock down some cottage walls so that he could rebuild some
beautiful foundations for this palace. I’ve learned to not judge
myself by the reactions of others but rather by my efforts. I’ve
learned to better control my OCD tendencies and let them go. I’ve
learned to become confident in my abilities to speak confidently and
be social in French and English. I’ve learned to become a better
leader and be bold in speaking in front of others. All in all, it’s
been an amazing refiner’s Fire and it’s helped me become more of what
God sees in me. My confidence is becoming great in the Lord.
I actually just received a call from Elder McBride, the assistant, who
will be transferred to become the other district leader in Belgium.
There are no zone leaders there right now, (from the attacks) and I
just found out that I will be a type of zone leader in coordination
with him for the Belgium zone while also being district leader.
Interesting haha. What I’m really excited about is that I get to go to
the Mission Council and learn more of what President sees for this
transfer!! I have the best of both world because I get to have the
whole vision like a zone leader, but I get to work personally with
specific missionaries as a district leader. That’s amazing!! I’m soooo
excited!! I love getting to be close to President in that way because
it’s a wonderful learning experience.
Dad, I really love this people!! I have sooo many friends here and I
want to keep close to them for life. Yesterday, I said goodbye to
Brother and Sister Demette. Sister Demette expressed her appreciation
for my kindness and it was so touching because she is normally closed
because of potential social phobias. In fact, yesterday in the
rendezvous, I had the distinct impression that her daughter was there
with us, and was there to learn. That her daughter would be learning
at the same time as her mother. The miracle was that Sister Demette
really showed sincere interest in learning to really pray as she
learned that she could ask Heavenly Father if her daughter was okay.
We taught her that she would have the answer from the spirit-by
thoughts or feelings- or sow times through others in her life. She was
touched and committed to do it. We will be either texting or calling
her today to (today is Tuesday-we are finishing pday today because we
only had a part of it yesterday) remind her to do it/potentially see
how it went. We taught we her about the temple and how we can be
sealed!! Through the priesthood it IS possible! First through Christ’s
atonement, and second through the restoration of the priesthood. How
I read this morning in 1Nephi 10, and it really touched me how
incredible the prophecies were that Lehi had about the Savior. Christ
felt ALL the sins of the whole world. That is just unfathomable for us
to comprehend. But he did it, and it’s so sad to see that he was
killed right after-but what’s even more touching was that He felt the
pains of the men that killed him, and then asked the Father to forgive
them. I love that. What also hit me was that it specifically says that
Lehi had this experience while living in a tent. Humility. It brought
me back to think about Sam, and how being humbled-like Lehi- can lead
to experiences that can change our lives-like the visions that Lehi
had. If we come to our Savior when humble, He will make our weaknesses
strong (Ether 12:27)
I loved what you said about having balance. I really liked your goals
and I will set some goals for the rest of my mission.
I love you dad. Thank you for all that you do and for your example!!
Talk to you next week :)

Love, Elder Jacob Lucas

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