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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Jacob's skype session Mothers Day 2016

Jacob is doing well. He is being transferred today to Begium. He will get a new companion Elder Taylor. His new address will be forthcoming. He is excited about the change. He has served in Arras for 6 months and been able to develop great relationship with the ward members there. He spent his Monday (p-day) saying goodbye and so he didn't send a letter this week.  His ami who was just baptized received the priesthood Sunday and was ordained to be a priest. Sadly, his daughter passed away this week of drug overdose and so Jacob asked if we would remember him in our prayers.

Leaving the area will be hard as they are teaching 10 people right now, the most they have ever taught. He hopes the new companionship will be able to continue with the work there. He has seen many miracles in Arras during the past 6 months. Many less active members whose lives were at crossroads have returned to activity and become closer as families. He has been able to serve the ward mission leader on his farm and learn some new skills. :) Not sure if he will ever use them again...but it was fun.

The area of Belgium he will be serving in is supposed to have a good ward as well and he is excited about that.

Talking with him Sunday was great. He looks good, happy, content and in the missionary groove. I did ask him why he felt that many missionaries struggled serving in France. His reply was that they come out for the wrong reasons. They come for parents, family, expectations, whatever, but then they arrive in a new country, can't understand or speak the language and realize that they are just a salesman selling  the same thing day after day and they don't even believe in the product. Being a missionary becomes a  hard, tiresome job and it's rough. I thought that was an interesting perspective and food for thought.

We have not received his release date yet, but anticipate it will be the first week in August. He will be home for about 3 weeks and then leave to attend BYU in the fall.

Enjoy your week!

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