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Monday, May 23, 2016


Hello everyone!!!

Well this week has been one of the most interesting of the mission... I don’t have a ton to say because my companion has been sick for the whole week and so he slept for about a week. I studied a lot and cleaned the apartment a ton! It wasn’t in the greatest situation before, and well, I got to work!! It’s starting to become more of a home to say the least. But all the same, here are the top 10 condensed into 4!!

1. Alright so we had a sweet miracle this week!! Although, we were

practically in the apartment for the entire week, we had a new investigator!! My companion and his old companion had taught a man on the street before I got here. This man was Muslim turned Protestant, and seemed really interested. They gave him a card and that was it.. UNTIL he called this last week and we set up a rendez-vous! And actually today, we had the opportunity to teach him! We taught him the message of the Restoration and of the Book of Mormon, and the spirit was amazing!! We explained that because it was Christ’s church restored that he had to be baptized again, and we asked him that when he knew that it was true, if he will follow this example of Christ and be baptized by someone holding the authority of God. He said that he would!! We are teaching him tomorrow and will hopefully be setting a date for baptism this week!! Sweeeet!!

2.This might be actually numbers 2-8 or so, because this might be alot.

I had a SUPER cool study session this week from the Book of

Mormon. So I read the second chapter of Alma this last week, and it was super touching. So, ultimately, I realized that this chapter is a lot like a part of the plan of Salvation! And unfortunately, I don’t have a ton of time, but you can see that there was a debate in this chapter and one people left, just like there was a conflict before this life to be the leader between Christ and Satan. Satan ultimately was not chosen and left with his followers, and they started a war against all those who follow God. Now I found a lot, but what is important is this part: verses 30-34. Alma is symbolic of the Savior in this story. We see that in verse 30, his motivation is solely on love. He wants to help his people. And it’s that charity that gives him the strength to risk his life for them. We understand that charity is the power and the pure love of Christ-and is the strongest attribute that we can have. And with this, Christ was able to perform the atonement. Also like Alma, Christ asked for help when performing the atonement, and was strengthened. Christ had two hurdles. They were death and sin, and we could say that the two evil leaders represent the two of them. He overcomes both of them, but then in verse 34, He clears the ground and throws the bodies of the Lamanites into the river. Christ has cleared the ground for us. He literally threw our sins out of the way into the river so that we could have a chance against our enemies. Alma needed His army, and Christ needs us. His sacrifice means nothing unless we use it. So go and fight! Run across your rivers! Don’t let sin or temptation hold you down. Hurdle fear. Christ is preparing the way. I promise you :) and like it says in 37, we will slay and drive back our obstacles. It will all work out with Him!!

3. It’s not a top ten because it’s fun information but it gives you an idea of what’s been going on. There are two companionships that are in our ward. My companion was sick all week, and in the other companionship, one of the elders was sick as well. In fact, yesterday, we had to take him to the hospital and discovered that he has an ulcer in his stomach and has internal bleeding... So he stayed in the hospital last night, and his companion stayed with me and my companion (well technically we stayed with him at his apartment). It’s just been quite the week here...

4. Sorry, this letter was a bit different than others, but all in all, know that I know that Christ is there. This is His work! He is on our side and He loves us! Go and fight for Him. He’s fighting for you!

Have. Great week my friends!!
Elder Jacob Lucas

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