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Monday, May 2, 2016

My week has been most splendid!! :))

My week has been most splendid!! :))

Saturday was fantastic! One of the most spiritual baptisms that I have
ever attended. Brother Demette (our ami) was so happy. I had a
wonderful experience baptizing him. The water was cold!! So there was
that, and because of its temperature, I don’t know if he really wanted
to go all the way under the water. He didn’t bend his knees a lot so I
was totally holding him and I didn’t step wide enough, so I was
totally centered, so he was going down super slow- like super slow.
And it was super funny because we were so close to having him totally
submerged but his nose wasn’t quite there, so had to keep pushing him
down Hahaha... And then his foot came up.. Noooo!! Hahahaha so we
redid it. The second time was great. I didn’t have a super spiritual
experience inside the font because I was so focused on the action of
the baptism itself, but afterward I had an incredible experience. It
really hit me exactly what had taken place. This man had made a
promise to follow his Savior and had entered the door that leads to
the path to returning to God. With the gift of the spirit, he was
completely clean. How incredible! Repentance is a miracle. And it’s a
miracle that we had live everyday :) the amount of love that I felt
from this baptism was indescribable. It was incredible. That is truly
a saving ordinance and God’s love is made manifest in it. I am soooo
happy that was I able to be a part of that :)

The baptism was really quite an experience for the humor and the
spiritual feast. I am really pleased with it. After the blessing, the
spirit brought the words back to my mind of the blessing that you gave
me saying that people would be prepared for the gospel and they would
seek me out. Frere Demette sought us out by requesting a Book of
Mormon online. The Lord always keeps His promises. What’s also
interesting is that just a month or so before, we had decided to visit
the members who live in Douai (it would be like you going to Durango),
and we started to develop a relationship with them. It was on a day
that we were in Doaui about to visit the elder’s quorum president’s
family that we were told that there was a man who wanted a Book of
Mormon in Doaui. So we went to the President’s home and asked them to
write their testimonies in the Book of Mormon, and then he went to
give it to Frere Demette with us. The President’s wife said that she
realized that it wasn’t by chance that the elders had asked to come by
(it had been YEARS that they hadn’t had the elders. They usually had
the sisters...) and it was in part to prepare for Brother Demette.
Amazing miracle! The Lord knows what He is doing. I know that is a

The service was phenomenal! Great talks. We sang the Spirit of God at
the end and the spirit truly filled the chapel.

Our friend who was baptized is named, Dani Demette, and he is married.
We are teaching his wife, but she has some things that hold her back
so it’s progressing slowly. But she is reading the BOM. He has 3
daughters. They are all grown and out of the house. He is 50 and his
wife around there as well. He is unemployed because he has a handicap
with his knee, so he receives money from the government. I think that
he will be receiving the priesthood in a few weeks and can then
hopefully baptize his wife soon and go to the temple within the next
year!! He is currently talking to his sister about the BOM!!!

After the baptism, we had a little dinner and that was sooo hard to
resist-I was fasting, and that pizza was smelling sooooo good. I have
never been so tempted to break a fast hahaha... But I succeeded and
didn’t break the fast!

I got your note and the pictures. Thank you sooo much! Sam and Kale
look stunning-as usual!! Jennifer is beautiful! Marc has changed a
lot! I had also never seen his wife, so that was neat!
So Kevin and his wife look happy!

We have another baptismal date for the 21 of this month. His name is
Ambroise. He is 14. He comes from a family where the dad is gone, and
his mom and older sister are members. The kids were never forced to
participate in church, so he hasn’t been baptized until now. His
understanding of the gospel is limited, so that’s our biggest
challenge. We are also trying to help him feel comfortable enough to
open up. He doesn’t always talk a lot... So we will try to take some
time this week’s do maybe have him teach us some stuff about rugby so
he feel more comfortable with us and then hopefully that will help him
progress faster. (He loves rugby).

I don’t think that I will be staying here. I feel that I will leave in
a week and a half. I’m torn because I LOVE this ward. I have friends
here with whom I will be friends with for life. So I would love to
stay but I will probably leave for my last two transfers.

I can’t wait to speak French with you!! We have to learn how to make
tartiflette. It’s a really delicious French dish!! A lot of potatoes
and cheese :))) on Sunday we can speak French :))

So I’m not sure what time I will call you yet... My comp’s family (in
Utah) has church in the morning, so we might just have to do skype at
different times. But maybe around 8 or 9 or 10... Hmmm we will figure
it out. Would 8 be too early? I’ll let you know soon :)

I went and threw the ball today with my companion. I still got the arm!!
..not so much the speed... Hahahaha Kale and Sam will change that in a
few months. Wow, I really miss football :)

I sure do love you and cannot wait to see your lovely face in a few
days. You’re amazing! See you on Sunday :)

Love, Elder Jacob-Your boy!! Lucas

Homemaking Elders????

Dinner after the baptism.

Jacob and his amis!

Elder Lucas with Brother Demette

The Elders with Brother Demette

First baptism!

Brother Demette with the Elders near his home.

P-day sight seeing

The sisters!

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