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Monday, May 30, 2016

Administering vs Ministering

President Uchdorf in Belgium

Les Missionnaires at the Uchdorf conference.

Elders Lucas and Taylor at a rendez-vous. 

Elder Lucas and Elder Taylor!


Fast French cuisine.

The Elders and their ami. 

Beautiful Belgium.

Hello :)

Things are going really really well with Elder Taylor!! We are getting
along great and I'm really enjoying myself. He's fun :) this next week
we have a lot going. On Friday we are having an activity for members
and their friends in watching Meet the Mormons. So we are trying to
visit as many members are possible to encourage them to invite all
their friends to come! We are also going to visit a lot of less
actives to invite them as well. It's a fun goal. It's going to be an
awesome week!!

This morning I was studying about love and how to love people. And there is a difference in 
Administering and Ministering. We are called to minister and I feel
that maybe at times, I felt I was there more to administer and messed
it up a bit. Administering is good, but not very productive unless we
truly love the people with whom we are with. I'm searching for how to
be a more effective minister to our friends, my companion, and the
other missionaries. God is teaching me how to use my strengths
-especially my personality and humor-to connect with them. It's fun.
It's coming along :) Your love for the sisters is so incredible.
Farmington would be hard... I don't know if the missionaries feel very
supported there. But honestly, you can change their lives!! Too often,
we just think of them as "missionaries" instead of people, because
they will leave in a few months. But honestly, we, as missionaries,
are put where we are to be friends eternally with the members-if we
choose. You are going to help them so much!! That's so awesome :)) I
hope that I can be friends with these members-real friends- for
forever :)

Elder Lucas

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