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Monday, June 27, 2016

New Companion! Last few weeks...

Hello all my letter followers! First off, thank you to everyone who
reads these :) you all are awesome!

This week has been quite the experience :) new companion, cool
miracles, and the realization that I'm coming up on the end... It's

So anywho, here are the tops!!

1. Alright so to start off, my companion is awesome! He is from
California, is in his fifth transfer, and is ready to go! He speaks
amazing French for a third transfer and is super fun! We get along
really really well. What's interesting is that he has a medical
condition where he stops breathing at night, so he has a mask that
pumps oxygen up his nose. It's sort of like Bane from Batman. What's
weird is that when I got here an elder had left a plastic bat over my
bed, so it's like I'm batman and he is Bane! But darkness is my ally
2. We saw an amazing miracle this week! We invite some youth to come
teach with us but the investigator didn't show up. But across the
street was a man who was working in his garden. We offered our help
and he accepted. We worked with him for about 45 minutes and shared a
brief restoration message. We later prayed with him and he was open to
us coming back!! Oh yeah!!!! Super cool! He is from Iran and it was
3. I have really been searching and seeking out answers to my questions
in the gospel. I think that it's really interesting how it all
started with Joseph asking a question. But he didn't have an
experience until he asked another question! God will answer but he
waits for us to give the questions!!
4. I love that we are counseled to renew our testimony. This morning
after reading from the Book of Mormon asked God if it was true and He
told me that it was. I was filled with an incredible joy and peace in
my heart. It's so hard to describe it but I absolutely loved it! It
was truly amazing. I know that if you read it and ask that God will
not only tell you that it is true, but will tell you how much He loves
you at the same time! God is love!!
5. My son (he trained Elder Young when he first came out hense "his son", Elder Young is also from New Mexico) in the mission is my new zone leader! Elder Young!
6. Yesterday we had a phenomenal lesson with Thérèse! She opened up
and told us about how she had lost her daughter. And we were able to
tell her how Christ not only suffered her sins and allows her to live
with her daughter again, but suffered for her pains in losing her
daughter. We then challenged her to read the Book of Mormon with her
member friend and she is doing it!! Wooooh!!

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