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Monday, June 13, 2016

Rain Rain Go Away....

Alright everyone!! This one may be a little short, but I hope that you
are all doing fabulous and are enjoying life. It's to be enjoyed :)

So, a lot has happened this week! A lot of ups and downs, and a lot of

1. To start off, we had a great miracle!! We have 5 new
investigators!! I'm really excited about them and have really high
hopes for them. While planning for an excommunicated member that we
visit, I had the sudden question, which smacked me in the face, of,
"Are her children members?!" And I found out that thy weren't and we
decided that it would be a good idea to teach them! And we did! We
taught two of her kids and they are going to start taking the lessons
:) another two came with a less active lady that we found and we invited
ourselves (so polite I know) to do service and help her in her garden
with her grandson. Her grandson is not a member and after doing
service, we taught him and his sister!! We will be seeing those 4 this
next week :)))) so happy!!
2. Cool story. While on an exchange, we were with our DMP, and we're
going to visit a less active, and it was coming down! Like rain was
POURING!! And we are the crazies walking in it.... And we walk past a
laundry place, and there is a woman who is smoking, and after we pass,
I have the feeling to go back and talk. So we do. And it seemed like
all odds were against us. This lady is smoking, it's pouring, and then
she tells us that if it's about religion, she doesn't want to know.
But, I think that she said that more out of a first reaction because
when she saw that I was for real, she invited us into the shop so that
we could talk. Long story short, she shared how she believed in
serving and helping others, and we were able to show her in the Book
of Mormon where that principle is talked about, and long story short,
she took the book, and we will hopefully see her soon :))) follow the
spirit!! Even if it's against the odds- no ESPECIALLY against the
odds. Trust it :)
3. We did SO much service! Like crazy! I got in all the garden work
that I cleverly escaped with the excuse of football back home... Haha
just kidding, but it's all good! Service is the way to go :) it
softens hearts.
4. Another miracle was that we invited an active couple to come with
us to see less actives. Well, it so happens that the less active that
we visited knew the members really well and were super happy to see
each other. (We didn't know that they were close when we decided to
visit her). And also "by chance"-it's never by chance- the less active
really needed a blessing of healing, which we were able to give her.
It was a huge testimony to me that God does watch over His children.
Never doubt it. God knows you and knows where you are, how you feel,
and what you need. Don't doubt it! The less active came to church
5. On Saturday, we went up to Brussels and helped clean out the old
apartment and move all the things into the new one. We are changing
the locations of apartment because the old one was in a neighborhood
close to the attacks. So hopefully next transfer there will be
missionaries in Brussels!! We shall see!
6. I gave a baptismal interview this week. And let me just say that we
need to remember the excitement that we felt when we were first
baptized. That covenant is amazing and it is one that we should
remember at all times. We took upon us Christ's name!! That's amazing
:) we are so blessed to be in His church and know how to live His
gospel! This gospel truly makes me so happy! I absolutely love it :)
never forget how blessed you are!
7. Yestersay we went to the stake president's house for lunch! That
family is in our ward and it was really cool seeing what his vision
was for the stake here in Belgium and how missionaries can play a part
in it. What he is thinking about is how service is the way to soften
hearts and help people feel loved. Then the members will better trust
us with their friends. No one cares how much we know, until they know
how much we care :)
8. One day this week, I was having a pretty emotionally trying day.
And it was only 8:30... Haha yeah... But luckily it was personal study
time, and I dove into the scriptures and it was amazing to feel the
spirit come in and help me calm down. I testify of the power of that
book. That book will change your life if you will read it sincerely! I
know that it's true! Please, if you haven't read it, read it! It will
help you feel more loved than you have ever felt before. The spirit
that comes from it is incredible.
9. This week, I set the goal to have really great personal prayers of
gratitude. I studied humility and how the opposite is pride- and well
pride is pretty much code for every single sin haha. And if we want to
beat pride, we must be humble, which comes from acknowledging our
dependence on God, and that comes from constant, real, grateful
prayer. Take a moment see everything that He has given you!! HE LOVES
YOU! He loves you enough to give you all the joy that you have had,
and He loves you enough to test you so that you can grow and have even
MORE joy. :) He loves you.
10. All in all, my friends, know that I know that this is the Church
of Jesus Christ. I hope that you do too. No greater can be found other
than living this gospel. So live it! And rejoice in living it! I love
you all :) have a great week
11. BISOUS :)

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