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Monday, July 18, 2016

3 weeks left!

Hello everyone... I have three left of these things... It’s sort of weird... And to be quite honest, the mission has gone by a lot faster than I had ever imagined it to... Super weird...

It’s interesting because I feel that naturally, we have fear of the unknown. We fear things that are not familiar. However, the Lord has told us that if we are prepared, we shall not fear, and that with Him, all things are possible. There have been some moments in the past week and throughout my mission, where I have been tempted to fear. To fear the future. To fear the past. Recently, I was tempted at times to fear that maybe I hadn’t done enough on my mission. However, we can be certain that a fear that keeps us from being truly happy and from progressing is never from our Father in Heaven. He never wants us to be discouraged or afraid. Even when we sin, He wants us to come boldly to Him in repentance. Our Papa in Heaven wants to forgive. He wants to fill us with His love. He wants us to reach our goals, live our dreams, and rejoice everyday to be alive. He loves us. It’s for that, that Satan, who opposes him, will do all that he can to prevent us from feeling of this love. He will stop us from the feelings of security and peace that we can find in God’s presence. And so he incites us to fear. To fear failure. To fear the future. To fear to come back to God when we sin. To fear that we aren’t enough when we are trying hard. To fear... And of course, we are to do our best, and to work hard, but God is cheering us on and will fill us with positivity, hope, and light. Don’t ever give up. Never ever give up.  Because God isn’t giving up on you. He cannot, for as Elder Holland quoted this last conference, “It is not in His nature!”. Don’t let the adversary stop you from feeling your worth in the eyes of God, simply because he is jealous of you, because he will never be like you. Your Father loves you :) and this last week, as daggers of darkness and darts of fear have been cast at me, to make me fear for different reasons at this point in my life, I have seen how the spirit and love of God truly casts away all fear. As I look to my Master, I know that there is nothing to fear as I continue with my life and as I finish my mission. For if we come unto Him, He makes us whole :) so for all you out there, who are like me and become a little afraid at times, look to the Savior and approach Him confidently. Let Him fill you with a peace and love for who you are as a child of God that will cast out all of your fear! I know that it works because I have lived it again and again.

Anywho, I’ll get off the soap box and here are the tops of my week!!

1.First off, life is just gorgeous :) whether it’s Belgium, Alaska,

New Mexico, or South Africa, we are so blessed. Life is gorgeous. This week, it was a lot more sunny than normal and (it rains so much normally),  it was really a blessing to be able to see all of that :) so wherever you are-even if you have lived there for a century and have seen it all, find the joy in its beauty. It’s a gift :)

2.We had a sweet miracle this week!!

We were on an exchange and weredoing door to door-porting- as we call it in the better missions of the world ;) and well, we weren’t quite sure which doors to knock on and where to go. So we say a prayer and not long a after we finish, a woman-probably around 20- walks out of a house on the other side of the road. So we stop her and tell her that we were volunteers doing service to help people-whether that be garden work, construction in the home.. Etc. and she said that she wasn’t sure, so we always explained  that (what our first goal really is), which is to share a message about families, and how God has restored truths for our families. (We share service first because it opens people up and it softens their hearts and they are usually more willing to share how they feel about our message.) she still wasn’t sure and told us to talk with her step father, who was inside. So we did, and long story short, he was super interested! And we will be seeing him this next week :))) AWESOME!

3.Another miracle. Another exchange. 

We were going to pass by an investigator, and as walking, we saw an elderly woman who was carrying her grocery bags and was walking pretty slow.  So like some real scouts, we offered to help. And she accepted. We walked her home and she talked to us about her problems with her health, in looking for a job, the difficulties in coming from another country (she is from Africa).. Etc. We were able to share with her about why we have trials and how God will help us. When we arrived to her house, we shared parts from the Book of Mormon that answered her questions. It was really amazing! The Lord has many prepared :)

Have a great week!
Elder Lucas

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