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Monday, July 11, 2016

Brian Farley is home!!!! What!!!

Dear Dad!

I’m glad that the reunion was great!! It sounded like it was a hit.  It’s great that Brian is home and doing well!! I am sure that he served an amazing mission. Isn’t the mission just absolutely wonderful, as we only have to focus on serving other people? It’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful and I love it.
I’m doing great and my mission has been amazing and will finish in a beautiful way.  I truly am so grateful for this mission. I am learning how if we commit, and believe in the Lord, we can truly do all things.  Interesting because that’s what a covenant is. It’s based on our faith in Christ and a promise to serve Him.

We had some miracles this week. A member family that we have been working with very diligently to strengthen and help invited their grandparents over for dinner with us last night. We shared a message on how God strengthens us in our trials, which transformed into the Restoration. I testified of its truthfulness and afterwards a member did as well. And they said that they would take us up on another rendezvous!! Woooooo!!!! That’s this weekend.

To be honest, I’m super excited for what’s been happening and what’s coming. This last week was crazy with a ton of stuff going on, but it has been miraculous. For example we did a TON of service on Saturday and came home exhausted, and after planning I still had to do a ton of calls and district work for the zone leaders (it’s like 9:45) at this point, but then I feel that I need to take some time with my companion. So I do, and he tells me some things that he was struggling with and I was able to help him out a lot. Around 10 I get a text from the elder’s quorum president asking me to teach priesthood for elder’s Quorum. I still needed to prepare for my talk because I wasn’t able to really during the week because I was preparing for a district meeting and other things. But I take it on. I prepare for both of them and the talk went really well! Who can go wrong with a motivational football story with a connection to the Savior :) (Read Kale’s email for details). The priesthood lesson was on less active work. And it was AWESOME. I did it like seminary/come follow me and had them get a companion, read scriptures, answer questions in the companionship, and then switch companion..etc. we would then come back as a big group and discuss. It got everyone talking and amazing comments were made and it encourages everyone to do their home teaching and seek out lost sheep including those in their families and themselves. It was moving!  (Home teaching has been a goal for our ward). It was amazing.  I have really learned how to work with people and leaders on the mission. Before, I would be afraid with meetings with Bishops at times, and I have learned to really grow in self-confidence and know that I got this. Cool life lesson.

I taught district meeting this last week (like basically every week), and I taught about getting the spirit through prayer. Have you ever done the prayer activity in PMG chapter 4? “Prayer with faith section”.  SUPER EYE OPENING!! I realized how I often am self-centered when praying and how I need to think more of others. And Heavenly Father has really given me some great tender mercies this last week. He has poured out his love for me and let me know of how I am doing well. I am recognizing where I worry about things that don’t matter (like if I am doing all that should-when I am..) ha-ha it’s a good problem to have. At least we know that I won’t really ever be slacking!! Hahaha.

I got a new suit thing for home!! If I have time I will send a picture of it. It’s not for the mission (it’s a light blue and the pants are not the same color, but I really like it).

I had interviews this last week and it was really interesting. I talked with President about how I had done my best but felt like at time that it wasn’t enough, or along those lines. And he told me how we all have moments where we feel that we could have done better. It will always happen because we will always have been able to do better, but we can be grateful for the new information that we have and we have a “second chance now”. We can’t relive the past, but learn from it, and apply it for the now. That’s what true gratitude is.

I will write more to mom and Sam, but know that all is going well and that I love you soooo much!! You’re amazing. Keep the faith. Know that I know that this work is true. It is and I love it. We are so blessed to be apart of this glorious gospel! Keep the faith. God is with us, so who can be against us? I love you!

Elder Lucas

24 days left and counting...

Jacob and companion

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