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Monday, July 25, 2016

Final Countdown! 10 days left.


Life is soooo good :) being on a mission is so much fun! And you can
be on one even if you aren’t a full time missionary. There are simply
missionaries in the field and not :)

1. I don’t know if I shared this in an earlier email, but we found an
investigator not last week, but the week before and it was GREAT!! We
were about to pass by another investigator and were walking up to her
door and I turn and see this older lady carrying her groceries. I walk
over and offer to help. She accepts (not super common for people to
accept here), and my companion and I grab a bag. She later tells us
that she has health problems and needed to do her groceries and prayed
to God for help. She wasn’t sure how she would be able to carry her
groceries home, but she went to the store. We were literally a pen
answer to her prayer. We then taught her, and have recently shared
with her the power of the Book of Mormon! Hopefully, we will be able
to see her tomorrow :)) she is super open and interested! I’m so

2. Tuesday this last week, we were in Mons. And Brother Fernandes-our
AMAZING Elder’s Quorum President (he bought me Belgium shoes in
Brussels a few weeks ago.. He is one of the nicest men that I know)
asked us to try to visit a specific family. He said they needed it, or
something along those lines. We called them, but said that they
weren’t available. While in the areas surrounding Mons (a city 25 or
so minutes from a Nivelles), we received a called from Brother and
Sister De Lauw, and older couple in our ward-two of the sweetest and
most kind-hearted people I know-asking us to visit that same family.
We then felt promoted from the spirit telling us to go by-even though
they had said that they were unavailable. So we did. (It so happened
that this family lives by Mons-and we don’t go down extremely often-so
the timing was perfect. Heavenly Father knows what He is doing.) We
knock on the door, and had decided on a message to share about how God
helps us through trials, and it so happened that they were all there.
All there that is, except the husband. The mother had recently been
remarried, and her husband of four or so months, had left the house
Sunday and hadn’t come back. It was now Tuesday. This mother who was
trying so hard to be strong and was supporting her three children was
in a moment of great need for a spiritual boost. We arrived just in
time to help her feel of God’s love as the spirit directed our words
and testimonies to address her specific situation. In the closing
prayer, she said something along the lines of thanking Heavenly Father
for the missionaries, who are angels in our lives... We are all
missionaries, and we can all be angels. Listen to the still, small
voice that will tell you what to do. Follow courageously, even when
certain people have said they “aren’t available”. People need you. God
needs you.

3. An interesting approach that we have been using in contacting
people if introducing ourselves as volunteers who are here to
serve-whether that be in the yard, the house, or any other type of
work. It’s been really interesting to see how people’s hearts are
softened as we try to help them. After that initial approach, we are
then able to do a normal contacting approach and they are much much
more open and kind. So don’t forget to serve!! It does wonders :)))

4. I went on an exchange with an elder from Tahiti this week. It was
amazing how much he believed in the power and authority that he had a
missionary when he spoke. He 100% trusted God to be there with him,
and the spirit was there. We had some amazing lessons together as we
testified in unity and in power to our friends here in this beautiful

5. Alright, AWESOME EXPERIENCE!! I mentioned earlier something along
the lines of how our Elders’ Quorum President is amazing, right? Well,
for the first time in his whole life, he invited a friend to come to
dinner with us present, and we taught him!!!! And it was SOOO GOOD!
The friend is atheist (for the moment.. We will see when he reads The
Book of Mormon ;) ) and he has a ton of questions. We were able to
testify clearer and answer his questions with the scriptures. It was
sooooo awesome! My companion and I were really excited about it. Wow,
the church is sooo true! I hope that you all know it! It’s amazing and
I am soooo grateful for it in my life. Anyway, back to the experience.
:) what’s really touching about that is that the fact that he brought
his friend over with us shows his trust in us as missionaries. I’m
proud to be a missionary, and in a companionship where the members
have enough confidence in us to bring us their friends. What a
blessing :)

6. The spirit is phenomenal. Spiritual promptings are real my friends.
Follow them! This week while preparing to teach a specific member in
our ward, I had a specific prompting to share a video with her. I
didn’t know why, but I know it was right. And so we did. In the
lesson, we ended up not having a ton of time, but enough for a
scripture and the video. I don’t know all that is going on in her
life, but she expressed to me that it truly touched her. God cares
about all of his children. He knows our needs and our desires! Never
forget it!! He knows you and He loves. And often it is through another
person that He answers your heart’s questions :)

7. Super weird experience. Think BIG. And FOOD. What’s the first
thought? America. Well, we were invited to an American Branch’s
barbecue. We help an American Branch once every couple of months. It’s
the Americans from the military camp here in a city southwest of
Nivelles. And they invited us. SO WEIRD! Weird in a good way. Weird
because I was with Americans in very American cultured environment for
the first time in about two years!!! Wow, it was almost like home. It
was a good preparation for what’s coming in a week and a half... :O
but it was amazing. We were able to talk with a family who is less
active! The children were playing a lot of games.. And this one 3 year
old had water gun and was literally trying to shoot everyone for about
and hour and half straight! It was hilarious. He would make the little
sound effects with his mouth at the same time as his gun would make
the normal squirting sounds hahahah. Oh wow, it’s been too long since
I’ve seen American children. It was really funny. And then came the
pie eating contest.. They were asking me to join, and I had to say,
“Nooooo... Thanks...” And I’m glad that I did. It was crazy! People
were sowing their pies-oh and the rule was that you couldn’t use your
hands. So to eat the crust, people were using their chins and
foreheads to bang against the crust to break it and eat it. I’m glad
that I didn’t participate in that one. My companion did though :)))

8. Anywho, my dear friends, know that my mission has been amazing and
it’s not over, and I am sooo glad that I have been able to serve it
here. (My mission is going on for life! I’m always a missionary!!) For
those of you that don’t know where the best mission is, it’s in the
France Paris Mission. Don’t ask me why it’s “France Paris” and not the
normal way... Some things just don’t make sense;... Like how fast two
years goes by!... But have a wonderful week!! Love you all! See you

Your favorite ;)
Elder Jacob Lucas



It seems impossible until it is done. Change the world. If you can dream it, you can create it. You’re the children of The Creator. Create beauty!!

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