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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy 4th of July!!!

Alright everyone!


For those of us who are American, I just have to say that we are sooo
blessed to live in a country that allows us freedom of choice. I love
being American. God has truly blessed us.

Here are a couple of highlights that I had recently for you all!!

1. Blessing for Therese a we gave one of our Amis a blessing for her
back and in it, it talked about how she would healed spiritually as
well. It was really interesting. The day after that she prayed in a
way that she had never before prayed. She was filled with faith and
the spirit. It was truly amazing.

2. Raphael will be coming to church! We invited one of the less
actives that we work with and his wife who is an investigator to come
to church this next Sunday. Awesome!!!

3. Service was the key! The Bonny's home and the Bishop's house! We
are really trying to serve the Members a lot to help them. We are
discovering how we can't really clean the outer vessel until we
cleanse the inner. The members have to be strong to take in less
actives and new converts, and we are helping them have strength in
their testimonies.

4. My comp is Bane.

5. Everyone is super buff in the scripture photos... Funny thought...
Why are all the heroes from the Book Of Mormon huge In the pictures?!? Abinadi
is crazy ripped Santa Claus! It's like he's the dad of Tony Horton!

6. Brussels exchange! It's beautiful there. Elder Young and Elder
McBride are my zone leaders and we had sweet moments of remembering
Nantes! I really love those two :))

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